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With that said though, we do love traveling for regional and destination weddings. Wether you’ve been referred or just stumbled upon our website, please feel welcome to reach out with questions. Here’s some nice photos:

  • The way we should all look at our favorite human
  • Killin' that classic City Hall shot
  • Just because fancy photos
  • This kid tho....
  • Stunning
  • Elegantly Simple, Extravagantly Glamorous
  • Please be careful with those sparklers people : )
  • On point locations are a fun perk

Like Reading Stuff?

So, our web gals and guys told us our homepage needs lots of words, because google likes words. Specific words. Like, Philadelphia Photographer and Cinematography and Wedding Photography and Videography. Actually, let me make sure I include Wedding Videographer all on its own because I need those words to be side by side. We think our work speaks for itself, but apparently, words matter. So, here goes:

Our team of photographers and cinematographers understand a few things; one, that most couples don’t have their picture taken for a living. So, the idea of posing for photographs sounds about as fun as a swift kick to the face. Not to fear! Posing is actually quite simple, and once you trust us to set up the shot, you can comfortably interact with your bae while we capture real, genuine moments. Trust us. We got you.

While fancy-a$# portraits are frickin’ sweet, we also understand that you want your wedding photographer to capture real, candid moments. You want a photojournalist who can capture the real sh!#. We know. And we’re good at it. We’ve become masters at seeing moments before they happen. Mom crying? Yeah, we saw that coming. Grandpa ditch his walker and start breaking it down on the dance floor? We saw that coming too, and we’re all f#@$ing over it.

(Oh yeah… Photography. Philadelphia. Wedding Photography. Donuts. Cinematography.)

We don’t let the latest wedding photography trends dictate our style. If you’re looking for a hipster in skinny jeans with a $20 minolta film camera, we’re not your people. Our style is timeless. Classic. We don’t shoot film. It’s not 19-f#@&ing-75. We have expensive-a$# equipment. We don’t care what your barista at the local coffee shop tells you. Digital. Is. Better.

The story of your day will play out as it does, and our team of awesome photographers and cinematographers will be there to capture it beautifully. We take this sh!# seriously. It’s our job to capture moments that you’ll be able to look back on for generations to come. Trust us. We got you.

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